Who are they ?

We never ask ourselves what are all these
objects surrounding us in our lives.

Object Interview is about finding out who they are.


Episode #10

What if two objects had a Monday conversation?

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Designer - Formafantasma

Volcanic glass, procured by remelting Etna’s rocks, has been mouth-blown into unique vessels or cast into box-like structures that purposefully allude to the illegal dwellings and assorted buildings that have developed at the foot of the volcano. Drawing on their own vocabulary, these solitary glass boxes and mysterious black buildings have been finished with such archetypal Formafantasma detailing as cotton ribbons and Murano glass plaques. By returning the rocks to their original molten state Formafantasma are reversing the natural timeline of the material and forcing a dialogue between the natural and manmade. A black, obsidian mirror that is suspended on a brass structure and balanced by Volcanic rocks continues this line of narrative, as the semi-precious glass like stone is produced only when molten lava is in contact with water.

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Cute cat

Botanica III

Designer - Formafantasma

The project Botanica was commissioned by Plart, an Italian foundation dedicated to scientific research and technological innovation in the recovery, restoration and conservation of works of art and design produced in plastic. Marco Petroni, curator of the project, commissioned the studio to create their own personal interpretation of polymeric materials.

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Cute cat

People working with us

We create collaborations between designers, artists, museums, galleries, schools, music composers, curators and editors that give voice to objects from all around the world.

Launched during Salone Del Mobile 2017, Object Interview is a long-term project that keeps growing and exploring new forms of collaboration.

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