Who are they ?

We never ask ourselves what are all these
objects surrounding us in our lives.

Object Interview is about finding out who they are.


Episode #19

What if an object had to retire?

— Starring


Designer - Alessandro Mendini

Free-standing cabinet veneered with burl wood with oval markings and wood inlay. The central shaft hinges open with a double door. Inside are black-lacquered drawers and a sculptural column element in gold-painted wood. Made in a series of four for the installation "Il piacere di abitare" at the fair Abitare il tempo, Verona 1988

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Cute cat

People working with us

We create collaborations between designers, artists, museums, galleries, schools, music composers, curators and editors that give voice to objects from all around the world.

Launched during Salone Del Mobile 2017, Object Interview is a long-term project that keeps growing and exploring new forms of collaboration.

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