Who are they ?

We never ask ourselves what are all these
objects surrounding us in our lives.

Object Interview is about finding out who they are.


Episode #18

What if a bed was insomniac?

— Starring

Bed - Paimio Sanatorium

Architects - Alvar & Aino Aalto

In 2002, Mudam Luxembourg acquired the light fittings, cabinets, table and door of one of the patients’ rooms. The intimate Sanatorium Paimio – Mobilier d’une Chambre installation shows what the building itself exemplifies: a pressing issue of the period, tuberculosis, and the role designers can play in the fight against disease, as well as the timeless value and beauty of the modernistic idea, in line with other works in the Mudam’s archive. The sanatorium was designed by Alvar Aalto, who, in close collaboration with his wife Aino Aalto, also designed the furniture and light fixtures. As is true of all the architectural elements, the shapes, colours, materials and surface finishings of the furniture and light fittings speak of sober functionality and elegant aesthetics.

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