Object Interview is a collection of one-minute videos about design objects in conversation, investigating how objects exist on their own.

Made in co-production with cultural institutions, ranging from museums to design galleries, publishing houses and schools, the series involves designers and artists from all around the world to reflect on the way we perceive objects.

"Object Interview is a necessary act of excavation and elucidation.
The application of narrative to designed objects, and the suggestion of their interior life, provides a new way of coming to terms with the richness of the world around us. By granting objects a voice, Alexandre Humbert sheds considerable light on their interactions – verbal and otherwise – with all that surrounds them."
— Oli Stratford, Editor in chief of Disegno

"Object Interview is blurring the boundary between living humans and dead objects"
— Louise Schouwenberg, Design critic

Behind Object Interview


Alexandre Humbert / Founder

Alexandre is a Conceptual Designer focusing on filmmaking as a design practice. His understanding of the design process guide him to explore the close relationship that exists between humans and objects through documentary, fiction and experimental films. He is the scriptwriter and director of the episodes.

Adrien Galibert / Head of production

Adrien joined Object Interview to develop and create the digital platform. Highly involved in the digital content development, he is leading the coordination for the production of new episodes.


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