Episode #17

What if two chairs broke up?

— Starring



Music Composer - Arnaud Pujol
Designer - Deborah Janssens
Designer - atelier LachaertDhanis
Designer - Sofie Lachaert
Designer - Luc d'Hanis


Crossed Leg Chair

Designer - atelier LachaertDhanis

"Lachaert and d'Hanis are not looking to make a product, nor are they seeking to make a work of art. They will bring back into design things that are usually connected solely to the visual arts," said a release from the artists. For Crossed Legs, the artists intertwined two bronze chairs. "The construction evokes the function of furniture as a stage for social interaction, allowing people to come together in familiar gathering," they said. "Through their structural language, the chairs echo the feeling of familiarity with subtly intertwined legs."

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