Episode #4

What if some boots and a rocking horse are singing together the Dutch National anthem?

— Starring



Music Composer - Arnaud Pujol
Curator - Jan Boelen
Curator - Evelien Bracke
Illustrator - Daukante Subaciute
Craftsmen - Ineke van der Sommen
Craftsmen - Karin Klouwers
Designer - Jing He

Zuiderzee Museum


Young Titans

Designer - Jing He

Jing He examines Zuiderzee credits from the viewpoint if her Chinese heritage. Crafts, she discovers, often develop through cross-pollination with other culture and crafts. Her rocking-horse is made from an inverted cradle that was woven by the museum’s basket-weaver, Ineke van der Sommon. It incorporates Chinese and Dutch technique and shapes. Jing He’s design gets us thinking about the fusion of cultures, and about immigration, (social) boundaries and identity in our world today. The basket weaving crafts are seen as a metaphor to connect different meanings and materials.

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